Grodziskie – Old Style New Again

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Grodziskie – Old Style New Again

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Grodziskie beer made in New York

Grodziskie is a Polish beer style that was almost lost when the last production brewery making it closed their doors during the 1990’s.  It is a filtered, wheat beer made with mostly oak-smoked wheat, and thanks to a group of Polish home brewers, the style is making a comeback.

 It took some searching, but I finally found an example of the style at Tap Room No. 307 in New York City.  This interpretation was a bit cloudy with a nice smokey flavor, a sharp wheat bite, 4% ABV and a pleasing hop bitterness.  It’s made in Germany by The Monarchy, who uses 100% smoked wheat, local Polish hops, and claims it is the only authentic version of a Gordziskie available.  Overall it was an enjoyable beer and one I would order again.

If you like trying unique beer, this is worth seeking out.  I hope you enjoy it.  Prost!



Tap #33 – Monarchy’s Grodziskie


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